Santa Here?

Last night, while being awakened about the 10th time by Paul, my dear demented husband and Teddy, my young but bothersome Shih Tzu, Paul gazes out the bedroom windows and comments “Hon, it looks like Santa’s sleigh and the reindeer out front!”  Sure enough, a small tugboat is mother-henning a group of security fences, meant for the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard across the bay, for all the world appearing to be Santa and his sleigh and his eight tiny reindeer, adrift on Puget Sound.  A lovely imaginative sight on a full moon night- and just for a moment I agreed with him.  Here’s to late night wake up calls and the wonders they deliver.  Amen and good night.


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  1. Janni-grrl

    Aww… amen and good night to you darlings!

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